Welcome 2 Hollyweird

by Doctor Scott & YB

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2008 LP from Doctor Scott & YB


released August 5, 2008

Production by Doctor Scott, Best Paul, Davy D, Keen, Tone Bone of GorillaPits, and more..

featuring Professor Owen, Overweight Underdogs, G.A.S., and more



all rights reserved


Doctor Scott San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Welcome 2 Hollyweird
Welcome 2 Hollyweird Where The Drama Be Cracking
If Eddie Murphy Makes a Booty Call She Better Be Packing
And There's 15 Dudes Around the Corner Just Like Her
You Talking Bout You Already Did Her During Your Bid At Rikers
That's Hollyweird, Heroes Turn Into Bad Jokes
And We Catch a Contact From 2nd Hand Crack Smoke
For Cracking A Bad Joke You Get Taken To Task
Broomstick Break It In Half Shove It Straight Up Your Ass
Bum Rush Your Company Lunch Fist Fuck Sluts & Blow Blunts
And Stomp Your Baby Out Like a Cigarette Butt
4 Fingers in Her Cunt My Big Dick In Her Butt
I Pull it Out Put it In Her Mouth and Nut On Her Gut
Oh I'm From The Killahoe Sco
But Hollyweird Is Where I Hang My Hat When I Open The Door
And You Know I Love My Home Like DeNiro Love Black Women
Like Black Men Love White Women Ah Pass The Vicodin
Track Name: What It Takes
Take It From the Doc You Ain't Got What It Takes
You're That Fool That Don't Do Shit When You Get Socked In The Face
You Lack Preparation Your Motor Skills Are Average
I Know You Need Direction So I Wrote A Little Adage
Your Learning Disabilities Are Far Too Much To Overcome
The Notion That You're Number 1... Comedy 101
And Might I Add That You Ain't Got What It Takes
Charlie Bucket Golden Ticket Fiction Your Fake
And By The Time You Could Spit Half This Talented
I Bet You Gas'll Be $12 A Gallon Kid
Shit I'm Saying Hang up The Mic
1 Time For Your Mind Case Closed Good Night

Yeah, You Ain't Got What It Takes
So Get a 9 to 5 And Put Some Food On Your Plate
Cuz If You Rap For Cash You Gonna Be Strapped For Cash
You Ain't Got What It Takes And Your Act Is Wack
On Stage Every Other Word You're Forgetting
And What You Do Remember's Outta Breath when You Spit It
I'm Saying Forget It Slam On The Breaks
And Throw In The Towel Cuz You Ain't Got What It Takes
Track Name: Pop Music Killed My Baby
From That Forgotten Planet Where The Rappers Are Witty
All The Way To Mexico Where Transsexuals Buy Their Titties
Hayward City 2 Houston We're Coming Back Like Brock Lesnar
Was It Hot Weather That Brought The Broads Out Or Scott Winter
And The Plot Thickens When Dick Swift's In The Picture
See We Spit That Real Non Fiction Not A Depiction
Shit That Isn't I Be Frank You Can't flow MotherFucker
Was That Shit Screwed & Chopped or You Just Slow & You Studder?
Then These MotherFuckers Make It And I Just Want to Die
Like Common Sense When His Youngest Daughter Married a White Guy
That's All Right Cuz The Doctor Ain't Been Reppin This Hard
Since Sway & Tech Had That Arabian Security Guard
Track Name: Mr. Nothing
Mr. Nothing Gotta Lot to Say
But No One Ever Listened They Just Walked Away
And He Been Plotting For Days
Since Mr. Bob Dobbalina was a Hit in the Bay
But No One Bothered to Hear Him, Mr. Nothing
Forever Toking The Doj
One Foot In The Grave Fresh Outta Broken Home
But Back in 86 it was the Place to Be
He Had a 2600 from Atari But See
10 Years Later He was Outta the House
Having to Slick Talk Rich Women Outta They Blouse
Just to Get The Rent Paid, Never Saw 10th Grade
Cuz All He Ever Learned Was Get High & Get Laid
But He Could Spit Game
Thank God For That
Bay Point to the Haystack Vegas & Back
My Man Been Around the Globe & He's Come So Far
Now Mr. Nothing Got the World in his Palm and It's On
Sing It...
Track Name: Look @ Me Now
Produced by Best Paul
featuring Professor Owen
Written by Doctor Scott, YB & Professor Owen
Track Name: Help Me
Help Me, I Just Turned the Olsen Twins
Into A Couple of Promiscuous Coked up Has-Beens
And If I Don't Get Help, Nobody's Safe
And That's What It's Like When You Grow Up In The Bay
Cuz We Fist Fuck Nuns And Date Rape Sluts
Dress Up Like the Feds and Raid Dank Busts
If Bill O'Reilly Don't Like Ludacris He Gonna Hate Us
And If My Dad's Name was Peter I'd Be Scott Peter's son
Track Name: Life's Pretty Cheap
Written by Doctor Scott
Track Name: She Ain't Nothing
Written by PB, Ready Reg, YB & Doctor Scott
Track Name: Look Up In the Sky
Look Up In the Sky It's a Bird It's a Plane
It's Scott Michael Winter and He's Shitting on the Game
YB, Scott Winter, Evolution, Come On
Look Up In the Sky It's a Bird It's a Plane
It's Scott Michael Winter and He's Shitting on the Game
YB, Scott Winter, Evolution, Come On
Track Name: LethaL
Written by Triple B 7000 & Doctor Scott
Track Name: EvolutioN Iz Back
Written by Doctor Scott & YB
Track Name: Talk of the Town
Written by Doctor Scott
Track Name: Keep Movin' On
Written by YB & Doctor Scott
Track Name: She Gotta Big Butt
She Gotta Big Butt, She Gotta Big Butt
The 1st Time I Seen Her I Said Goddamn That's Big As Fuck
She Gotta Big Butt, She Gotta Big Back
And Swear to God Your Boy Would Love To Put Something In That
She Gotta Big Back, She Gotta Big Butt
I Can't Hold It Any Longer Girl I'm Bout to Nut
She Gotta Big Butt, She Gotta Big Back
And If I Can't Fuck Right Now, I'll Be Right Back