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Track Name: Lohan & Ronson
Recorded @ Hella Records Studio, Oakland, CA 2009

Your Broad Thinks I'm Awesome
So We 69'd All Night Like Lohan & Ronson
I Made That Broad Work
Been Deep in the Game Since Bobbi Brown Was On Star Search
And I Ain't Talkin Bout Whitney's Husband
I'm Talking Bout the Blond With the Really Big Juggs Kid
Like What I Did to Your Mom
I Put My Dick on Her Arm And Shot My Kids on Her Bra
Music & Porn I'm A Star Of 2 Sports
I Lack Melanin That Means I Don't Smoke Newports
Shroomin By The Bay
Smoking Weed Out of an Apple With 6 Babes
Catch Me Coming Down the Next Day
Agitated Doctor Bout to Give You a Malcolm X-Ray
By Any Means Necessary
I Gotta Score Some Weed If There Isn't Any
Cuz Sometimes You Can't Find Grass
Like Mark Cuban Can't Buy Class
I Would Never Insult Kenyan Martin's Momma
I'm Too Busy Trying to Penetrate Your Corpulent Daughter
Under Oath Your Honor
We Boned Under the Bleachers of Your Old Alma Mater
Your Cold & I'm Hotter They Call Me The Doctor
I Put MC's In A Pine Box Like Bea Arthur
From Seattle to C-Arson
I Sport an Ill Mohawk Like Iceman Parsons
You're Jane & I'm Tarzan
You're Spike Ferguson, I'm Johnny Carson
Yeah I Stole The Show
Then I Disappeared Like Taylor Hicks' Soul Patrol
I'm in the Cut Shoulder Shruggin
Cuz When You Grab the Mic I Get Bored (Board) Like Jim Duggan
I Get High Like David Ruffin
Fools Be Lookin at Me Like What Has He Been Huffin? Nothing, I'm Really That Dope
Pure & Uncut From the Jungles of the Sco
So Keep Talking Again
And I'mma Body Your Friend & Take a Shot at Your Head
And In the End If I End Up Dead
I'll Be Giddy Just to Get to See Connie Again
Track Name: Batten Down the Hatches
Recorded @ 5th Street Studios, Austin, TX 2008

Ever Since I Was a Kid It's Like They Want Me to Crack
They Tell Me What I'm Supposed to Think & How To React
They Lead Me Like a Sheep With Their Misguided Facts
In the Hopes I Reply Like The Rest of the Pack
So They Say Yes And That's That
Like It's a Matter of Fact
But Some of Us Were Blessed With Many Questions to Ask
That Got Neglected in Class
Reflective Glass in Their Dome
Monkey See Monkey Mirroring Images and It Shows
They Try to Make You Think That Fitting In Is the Goal
They Try to Own a Piece of What Sits in Your Soul
But Don't Let 'Em Get Control That's The War Called Life Where Every Move You Make Counts And That's a Roll of the Dice

Self Esteem? Check. Knowledge of Self? Check.
Money In My Pocket Toots Bring Me the Check
I Was Fresh When the Wu Dropped Protect Your Neck
I Just Hadn't Figured Out Why I Didn't Connect
With Those Chose to Do What They Were Told and Said Yes
How Come I Disagree What's Wrong With Me Was The Question
I Could Count My Blessings On One Hand at the Time
And Still Have Enough Fingers to Flip you Off and Hitch a Ride Right
This For My People Getting Shit on By the Media
And All My Folks Who Don't Believe That Shit on MTV
You Look at Me & Figure That My Album Isn't Shit
Cuz I Don't Have Fools Gold Hangin Down to My Dick
Sorry Everybody But My Space Suit Ripped
And My Tux Was in the Shop So I Just Wore This
Yeah I Know Now My Image is Shot
What a Waste of All Them Little Fuckers in the Sweat Shop

Batten Down the Hatches We Higher Than Ladder Matches
They Slang Us Death Over the Counter and Give Us Free Matches
Than They Turn Face and Pimp Some Nicotine Patches
But They Still swear Ganja Makes Your Man Go Bananas
Reefer Madness They Go Out of Their Way to Bust Us
Piss Tests For Green Cess They Sniff Us At The Border
Tryin to Put Us Out of Order Cuz They Can't Tax Us
Nevermind the Deathrate Cuz They Have The Access
While They Slang Drank At Bars So We Can Drive Faster
And It Kills Might I Add But That Doesn't Matter
What I'm Putting In My Body Dude That Doesn't Factor
They Ought to Spend Their Time Trackin Nuclear Reactors
And I'mma Like Fat Girls If I Wanna Like 'Em
There's Nothing You Can Say or Do to Change My Mind
I Laugh at Times When I Think Bout How They Tried To Raise Me
Another Clone Up In The Crowd But Yo That Ain't Me
Track Name: 420
It's 4:20, No Wait a Sec It's 4:10, shit
I Ain't Even Broke the Bud Down and Got the Swish Split
Split What? I Ain't Pick Up a Blunt
Dropped Everything I Was Doing Dude I Gotta Run
2 Minutes to the Store My Clock's Tick Tocking
Honking at Pedestrians Casually Walking
Start Running Asswipe I Gotta Go Now
2 Minutes Back Plus a Minute in the Store Pal
I'm Worn Out I Need to Relax
Pulled a Bud Out the Bag Bout the Size of 3 Sacks
Believe That 4 Minutes Left
4:16 4:17 Starting to Trip
But I Got It All Broken Down
Almost Time to Start Smoking Now
Thought Provoking Cloud
I Split It I Licked It I Rolled That Shit Up
In a Minute I'mma Hit It And Get Real Fucked Up
4:19 One Minute Left
Aw Shit What Did I Do With That Bic
After 3 Pairs of Pants Finally Found It
Now It's 4:20 Shit Time to Get Down Kid

Tick Tock Tick Tock It's Almost 4:20
4:18 4:19 Time to Get Blunted
Bubbleberry, White Widow and Skunk
These Are the Things That I Put In My Lungs
Roll It Up Now It's Time to Get Stoned
Dadada Dadada Dadada Doe
Dadada Dadada Dadada Doe
Dadada Dadada Dadada Doe
Track Name: I Put My Name On It
Recorded @ 5th Street Studio, Austin, TX 2/04/07

I Drink Up & Go Dummy & Put My Name On It
Steal the Show & The Money & Put My Name On It
They Call Me Doctor Scott I Put My Name On It
I Put My Name On It I Put My Name On It

Shopping At Walmart Looking For A Fat Ass
The Kind You See On Maury's Show When He Does Opposites Attract
Supersized With A Hella Cute Face
Anything Less Makes No Sense Like Blind People on MySpace
And She Can Sit on My Face Like It's a Fuckin Mattress
Then I Hit It Harder Than a Shonie Carter Backfist
I Track Down Chicks With Hips That Keep on Moving
Like You Be Trackin Down That Orange Juice When You Be Shroomin
Doing What I'm Doing Peepin Baby In The Spandex
Booty Lookin Like She Tryin to Shoplift That Mattress
I'm At This, Dude I Light Up The Blunt
Rip The Drawers Off a Big Broad and Nut On Her Gut
Bury My Face In Her Asshole While I Carry This Rap Shit Back
To the Promise Land in a Platnum Casket
I Need a Broad With an Like Aretha Franklin
Lingerie From Catherine's Got Me Ready to Spank It

Just Hopped Online Jerking Off To Some Kinky Shit
This Big Broad Rubbing Her Clit 'Til Her Bikini's Wet
It Got Me Fiending Cuz Me Without a Luscious Broad
That'd Be Like Seeing Richard Simmons in a Muscle Car
Meanwhile I'm on the Floor Trying to find the pick of the Litter
Soon As I Seen Her I'm Like Ready to Dick Her Digging Her Figure
A 24 Hour Glass
Like Dice Clay I'd Eat the Corn Out of Her Shit To Get to That Ass
I Wear a Pussy Like a Gas Mask And Write My Name
On Her Clit With My Tounge While She Goes Insane
I Date Big Babes Make Mix Tapes & Break Bread
And Pray to God At Night I Don't Go Out Like K-Fed
I Make Ends Meet And Spend That Shit On Beer Bottles
Smoke Dank And Dream At Night All About Plus Size Models
Might I Bother You Ma'am For Your Phone Number
Next Friday Night It's BBW Strip Poker
I Get Violent You'd Think That I Was Coached Larry Coker
But I Just Take That Aggression When It's Time to Polka
And If I Grab The Mic I'm Getting Uglier Than Oprah
You Don't Believe Me Just Watch Me Doing Kareoke

I Drink Up & Go Dummy Steal The Show & The Money
Mingle With Chubby Wubbies While I'm Blowing a Dubby
DJ Fokus on the Beat That's My Buddy
We Gone Slang All These Records and Double Back on Our Money
Or Should I Say Triple As a Kid I would Skip School
At This 400 Pound Broads House Sucking Her Nipples
I'm a Throwback From The Bay That Was Dope Back In The Day
And I'm Only Getting Better Scotty Winter Is The Name
Slangin Mixtapes Is the Game When I'm Posted At the Mall
Dishing Off the Rock Is How I School You When I Ball
Who Dis? Is the First Thing That You Gone Hear When You Call
BBW Porn Up In The Background When I'm Not On-Call
Meet Me At The Midnight Ball I'll Be Looking Out For You
Pouring Out the Seams in Something Sexy From Avenue
Lane Bryant Stops at 32 She Gotta Shop at Catherine
My Fettish For Her Abdomen More Powerful Than Anakin
Track Name: W's
Recorded @17 Hertz, Hayward, CA July 2008
Track Name: 4 Stories
Produced by DJ Fokus
Engineered by YB except
Scott's Verse Engineered by Doctor Scott
Recorded @ YB's, Hayward, CA
Track Name: Stack City 2 The Sco
Stack City 2 The Sco
For The Cash I Get Witty With the Flow
I Pimp Hard and Mack Bitties For the Dough
It's Like That Stack City 2 The Sco
Track Name: This Is The Jam
Recorded by 5th Street Studios, Austin, TX 2008
Track Name: 4 on a Blunt
Recorded @ 5th Street Studios, Austin, TX 2/04/07
Track Name: Practically Everything
Recorded @ 5th Street Studios, Austin, TX, Late 2007
Track Name: Cop Duckets
Recorded @ 5th Street Studios, Austin, TX 2008
Track Name: Pop Music Killed My Baby Too
Recorded @ Hella Records Studios, Oakland, CA 2009/2010

Pop Music Similar to Raw Sewage
While I Spit a Flow So Dope the Cops Use It
Me & Pop Music That's Like Chuck D & David Duke
Meaning I May Just Puke
Cuz All You Do Is Check Mics and Say 1-2
You Bought a Shiny Suit & It's a Gay One Too
That's OK I Don't Judge
So While I'm Rocking the House You Be Packin That Fudge
And Even Though Your Raps Are Wack as the Fuck
You Act Like a Thug So You Get Packaged & Pushed
What Kinda World Is This
Where These Rappers Where Tiny Ass Pants Like a Princess
That's Senseless I Mean What About Your Testicles
Dormant Like Vegitable
Terri Schiavo Thinks you Lack Charisma
Your Brand of Rap Wisdom is Bland Like Thanotism
You Make Me Laugh Like Ubiquetarianism
Cuz Where Is Christ When You're a Fairy in Prison
And I Know Your Very Religious
So Prepare to Meet Your Maker I'mma Bury You Bitches
Come On
Track Name: Sleep Deprivation
Scott's Verse Recorded @ 5th Street Studios, Austin, TX 2008
Swift's Verse Recorded @ Hella Records Studio, Oakland, CA 2009